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Ms. Chua's Academy ~ The Best Your Child Can Get

Ms. Chua's Academy 

Looking for a Teacher to Tutor or Homeschool your Child according to Singapore MOE syllabus? 

1-1 Face-to-face and Online lessons are available.

Contact me: (65) 90076894               


(Call now! Limited slots available!)

Lessons are conducted in a classroom (air-con) at my place. Very comfortable and conducive for learning!

Fees include top primary schools' test and exam papers (incl. P6 Prelims papers). 

My address: 
291 Compassvale Street (very near to Sengkang MRT; Opposite Compassvale Primary School)
From Sengkang MRT: Walk (cut through Sengkang Sculpture Park) or Take bus 83 from Sengkang Bus Interchange (just a few stops)
From Punggol: Bus 83 stops right in front of my place
From Anchorvale (Sengkang): Walk from Cheng Lim LRT
From Rivervale (Sengkang): Walk from Compassvale LRT

Ms Chua on Edulife (Online Tuition)
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More about Ms. Chua

MOE Relief Teacher. Teaching at various primary schools in Sengkang and Punggol.

Straight As for 'O' and 'A' Levels, RGS (Raffles Girls' Sec Sch) and RJC (Raffles Junior College)

Bachelor (Honours) in Engineering from University of Toronto, Canada. Dean's Honours List for All 8 Semesters.

Prime Minister's Book Prize for 'O' Level (awarded to top few students with the highest combined scores for both English and Mother Tongue).

"I teach because I am passionate about teaching, and I am good at it." 
-- Ms. Chua

Click here for MS Chua's Teaching Demo for PSLE English:


Proven teaching method (based on my own past learning experience in school, which led to my excellent academic results) that guarantees improvement in school results.

Customised Exam Strategy for each individual student according to the student's learning ability and progress throughout the year.

Guaranteed improvement in school results.

All my students improve their school results. Some of my students improve from failing to passing their subjects. Some of my students, including my son, score the highest marks in class for their respective subjects. Most of my students improve at least 2 grades within 1-2 semesters, such as from C to A and B to A*.

Dedicated, caring and nurturing teacher, who has the best interest for your child and is always encouraging your child to do better.

Friendly, patient and approachable teacher who is good with children. Many students find her tuition lessons enjoyable and enlightening. 

Testimonials from Students:

"I've been a student with Ms Chua for 2 years (P5& P6). Before I join her tuition classes in P5, I've always failed my English and Chinese examinations but by P6, I am passing all my subjects and I even got highest in class for my Chinese Oral for SA1! I am all prepared for my Prelims and PSLE!"
~ Nicholas Tsen (P5-P6, Rivervale Primary School) who scored Bs for English and Chinese for PSLE in Y2017.

"I am a student of Ms Chua since the start of this year, 2017. The areas that I was weak in for English have improved. Attending Ms Chua's tuition allows me to be more confident in the upcoming Prelim examinations and the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE)."

~ Charlotte Ng (P6, Mee Toh School)

"Ms Chua is an approachable teacher whom I can ask questions readily whenever I encounter them. She explains concepts clearly and simply. Her method of teaching makes me understand and remember ideas and concepts easily. I improve at least 2 grades within a semester."

~ Isabelle Foo (P4, Anchor Green Primary School) Y2017

"Thank you for your hard work and dedicated teaching."

~ Mrs Ng, Mother of Caelen Ng (P2, Mee Toh School) who scored A/A* for English SA2 in Y2017.

"I like Ms. Chua and I enjoy her tuition classes. When I first joined in P5 (Term 3), my results were not very good. I just passed my Maths and my English was failing by a slight margin. Ms. Chua coached me patiently and by P6 CA1 and SA1, I managed to score A for English. I scored A* for my English Composition for my Prelims! My English Oral also improved. My Maths improved a lot too. I and Ms. Chua still keep in touch on IG! Thank you, Ms. Chua!"
~ Melodey Tan (P5 - P6, Nan Chiau Primary School) who scored Bs for English and Maths for PSLE in Y2018.

"Dear Ms. Chua, after having tuition with you, my English, Maths and Science have improved significantly. I used to fail my English and Maths but I am passing all my subjects now. Thank you very much! I would like to wish you Happy Teacher's Day!"
~ Clara Lim (P6, Greendale Primary School) who scored Bs for English and Science and C for Maths for PSLE in Y2018.

"When I started tuition lessons with Ms Chua in Feb 2019, I was failing all my subjects in school. For PSLE, I passed 3 out of 4 subjects and I am able to enter the Secondary school of my choice. I and my parents are very happy. I have to thank Ms Chua for her patience and dedication in ensuring that I keep improving my school results throughout the year. Thank you, Ms Chua!"
~ Xavis Goh (P6, Palm View Primary School) who passed 3 out of 4 subjects for PSLE in Y2019.

"I enjoy Ms Chua's tuition lessons as she is very approachable and friendly. Her lessons are lively n interesting, and she will pepper her lessons with jokes occasionally as she is rather humourous. She is very patient in her teaching and she will explain concepts until I understand them. My school results have improved after I started attending Ms Chua's tuition lessons."
~ Cindy Zhang (P6, Nan Chiau Primary School) PSLE 2020

"Thank you for your patience with Jotika. I hope more teachers are like you! Luckily Jotika has you as his tutor. You are a good tutor and Jotika likes your online English tuition lessons. You are the sweetest tuition teacher we have ever known!"
~ Mother of Jotika Yip (P6, Anchor Green Primary School) who scored highest for English among all his subjects for PSLE 2021

Ms. Chua's Academy

Primary 1-6 Classes for English, Maths and Chinese

1-1 Face-to-Face Private Tuition and Online Tuition are available.

Online Homeschooling is available.


PDF softcopies of Singapore's top primary schools' test and exam papers are available for purchase. 

Primary 1 - 6; All 4 Subjects - English, Chinese, Maths and Science.

For pricing, contact: or (65) 90076894